The Studio

Nathan Ham's studio is located in historic North Topeka, housed in a native stone building built for use as a Baptist Church in 1871. Beautifully renovated, the 12,000 square foot, two-story studio contains a variety of interesting architectural elements and antique furnishings, providing a unique setting for photography. Outside the studio, an award-winning garden provides a scenic natural background.

About Nathan

Nathan Ham is a native Topekan, and contributes in numerous ways to make his community a better place to live, for all. He graduated from Topeka High School. After High School Nathan went to Butler County where he played football and studied photography. He then went on to play football and earn a degree from New Mexico University. Nathan Ham strives to be and is recognized as a pillar of the community for quality and service. Nathan has two active boys who love to see what new artwork he will create next.

We love that our clients come to see us from all over the United States! Why? Because we strive to be the best! Not just at photography but in our service, creativity and quality. Whether it be that something special that all parents want in pictures of their babies (no matter how old they are) or that little bit of sass a girl wants to see of herself or maybe that toughness a boy wants in his pictures, we will shoot until we have it. Nathan makes it memorable. After all you only graduate from High School once in your life. Why not make taking your senior photos a once in a lifetime experience also?